Hello, I'm Simon, one of the creators of CURRYSMARTER. We are loyal smart home enthusiasts. When we developed smart home series products, we thought: if we let other enthusiasts come to us, give us suggestions of direction and make products that we all own, how cool it should be!

Based on this idea, we made this plan and plan to find 100 smart home enthusiasts like us to give valuable suggestions for product improvement. At the same time, we guarantee that all these 100 enthusiasts can get product discounts.

what can you get

✓  It's a huge discount that doesn't exist on the market.
✓  You can try new products 1-3 months before the new product launch.
✓  As a co-creator, we invite you to participate in our promotional video (yes, you heard that right, I will appear in our promotional video after consultation with your consent.)

We aim to screen 100 fans before December 25th, 2022, if interested please contact